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Invisalign Q & A

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening alternative to traditional metal braces. Through providing a series of clear, customized aligners that are replaced every two weeks, Invisalign gradually moves teeth into their correct positions. Because the wearer doesn’t have the normal brackets and wires that come with metal braces, Invisalign has many benefits, including less restrictions and discomfort.

What Is the Invisalign Treatment Process?

To boost the efficacy of Invisalign treatment, each aligner set is designed specifically for the individual patient. First, to customize your aligners, the orthodontist will take X-rays and impressions of your teeth, enabling them to create a digital map of your teeth. With this, they will determine how your teeth must move to become aligned and design your set of aligners, which will apply the appropriate pressures to initiate these movements. Then your aligners will be produced and sent to you every two weeks.

Why Get Invisalign Instead of Braces?

Having properly aligned teeth and jaws is crucial to avoiding oral health issues, which sometimes lead to other overall health complications. Although this means that orthodontic treatment is important, sometimes braces may not be the best option for your lifestyle and priorities. Traditional metal braces require changing what you eat and altering your oral hygiene routine, while Invisalign is removable, so you can simply take out the aligners to eat, brush your teeth, and floss normally. This also means that it is easier to maintain the health of your teeth and gums, since you do not have to clean around brackets and wires. Additionally, if you dislike the appearance of metal braces, Invisalign is a great alternative because the aligners are clear, and therefore less noticeable. You are also able to remove the aligners for important events, such as dates or job interviews.

How Do I Care for My Aligners?

If you do not properly clean and care for your Invisalign aligners, discoloration, odor, and bacteria buildup can occur. The first step in your maintenance routine should be to remove the aligners and clean them every morning. This is necessary because bacteria can collect in the aligners while you are sleeping, so removing that in the morning will help preserve cleanliness. It is also important to rinse the aligners with lukewarm water and brush them with a toothbrush every time you remove them. This prevents saliva from drying in the aligners and plaque from accumulating. You can also clean the aligners with the Invisalign Cleaning System if you prefer, which you can find online. Additionally, you must brush and floss your teeth before placing the aligners back in your mouth after eating. If you do not do this, any food particles stuck between your teeth will become trapped in the aligners, allowing for bacteria buildup that can cause cavities and other dental issues.

How Much Will I Have to Wear My Aligners?

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your Invisalign treatment, it is recommended to wear your aligners for about 20-22 hours a day. You should also only be removing the aligners to eat or brush your teeth. If you are wearing your aligners for the proper amount of time each day, the total treatment time will typically range from six months to 2 years, depending on your alignment issues.

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