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Tooth Extraction Q & A

Why Would I Need A Tooth Extraction?

Dentists may recommend tooth extractions for a number of reasons. An impacted or infected wisdom tooth may be a necessary extraction, since they can push surrounding teeth or cause infections. Sometimes teeth also need to be removed in order to install a replacement, such as a denture or crown, that would improve your oral health. This may be needed if you have decayed teeth or dental trauma. Acid damage on your teeth can lead to tooth extraction as well, since stomach acid can erode your teeth to the point where it becomes difficult to eat and function normally.

How Do I Know I Need an Extraction?

There are multiple symptoms to look out for when identifying if you are in need of a tooth extraction. If you are experiencing repeated gum infections, trouble biting with your teeth, or pain from a decayed tooth, you should contact your dentist for an evaluation of your needs. Additionally, if your mouth does not have enough room for a tooth to erupt or a tooth has been severely damaged in an accident, you may need an extraction.

What is the Tooth Extraction Process?

First, your dentist will be given either local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of your extraction. Then, your dentist will clear the extraction site, allowing them to remove the tooth. Your mouth will then be evaluated to determine whether you need sutures, which are small stitches that will help your gum heal. After your extraction, you will begin the recovery process, which involves resting and pain management. The first two days after your surgery should be used to heal, a time in which you should take pain medication when needed, avoid smoking and using straws, and eat only soft foods. If you experience any heavy bleeding, nausea, or breathing difficulty, contact your dentist so they can evaluate your condition.

Is Tooth Extraction Helpful?

Tooth extraction can be beneficial to your oral health and overall health, as well as relieve dental pain. If you frequently have gum infections, a tooth extraction can prevent the pain and damage to the surrounding bone tissue that occurs as a result of the infections. Additionally, if you have a rotting or damaged tooth, extraction will allow you to receive an implant, dentures, or crowns that will improve your oral hygiene and your smile. A rotted tooth can also cause severe problems for the surrounding teeth, so removing the tooth will prevent the spread of those oral health issues. Pain, whether from infections or impacted teeth, can be alleviated with an extraction as well, allowing you to function normally and comfortably.

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