Dental Crowns That Enhance Your Smile 

Dental Crowns

Columbia Dental is a brand new, State of the Art and inviting SPA-themed dental practice in Hamilton, NJ. Dr. Avani Patel D.M.D. is a high rated dentist who has a very gentle approach to dentistry, she helps familities with their dental needs, along with Dr. Steven Reff and Dr. Pankaj Puri (Orthodontist).  

The best smiles are the ones that look, and feel, amazing. Dental crowns can be used to solve various dental problems, while also looking natural and enhancing your smile’s appearance. By covering an entire tooth, dental crowns improve your smile by increasing both the aesthetic appeal and the health of your teeth.  

The crowns used at Columbia Dental are usually made of ceramic or porcelain, which match the appearance of your tooth’s enamel. This enables the crown to cover any stains, discoloration, chips, and caps, while still looking like a natural part of your smile. The crowns are also custom-fitted for your mouth, replicating the shape and size of the original tooth, as well as keeping your teeth aligned. Therefore, crowns will enhance the appearance of your smile by concealing any insecurities and maintaining a smile you will feel confident in! 

In addition to aesthetic improvements, crowns will also make you feel more comfortable and increase your dental hygiene. Crowns serve as solutions for a variety of dental health issues, including restoring decayed teeth, protecting teeth weakened by root canals, and acting as anchors for dental bridges. When the crown is fit over the top of the tooth and bonded into place, it can alleviate discomfort and sensitivity and prevent bacteria growth. That means that crowns protect your teeth from future damage and pain, thus enhancing your smile. 

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Dr. Avani Patel DMD Dr. Avani Patel DMD is a highly rated dentist, serving Hamilton, Trenton, Bordentown NJ, with her quality practice and an awesome team!

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