Dentures That Fit Perfectly and Cost Less 


Columbia Dental is a brand new, State of the Art and inviting SPA-themed dental practice in Hamilton, NJ. Dr. Avani Patel D.M.D. is a high rated dentist who has a very gentle approach to dentistry, she helps familities with their dental needs, along with Dr. Steven Reff and Dr. Pankaj Puri (Orthodontist).   

If you are missing any teeth, you may be considering getting dentures to fill in the gaps. Dentures are a great option, since they can boost your confidence, improve your smile, preserve your facial structure, and allow you to eat more of the foods you enjoy! At Columbia Dental, there are multiple denture options, which will allow you to to get the perfect fit without breaking the bank:  

Since dentures are designed to resemble your natural teeth, while also improving your comfort and ability to function, dentures serve as a great option to correct your smile. With dentures it becomes easier to speak and chew, your self-esteem improves, your facial structure is preserved, and dental hygiene can easily be maintained. You can experience all of these benefits of dentures without fear of excessive costs, since dentures cost less than more extensive teeth replacement treatments, such as implants. 

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PS: We have payment plans available, and financing for making them affordable to everyone. 


Dr. Avani Patel DMD Dr. Avani Patel DMD is a highly rated dentist, serving Hamilton, Trenton, Bordentown NJ, with her quality practice and an awesome team!

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